Born to Dive

Wreck diving in Canada.

For over 40 years I have dived around Nova Scotia, Cape Breton.

The water temperatures in the summer are at the water surface directly at the coast often over 18 degrees.

However, at dive sites in Chedabucto Bay, even in summer, water temperatures can be as low as 8 degrees.

Time 4 Diver

Underwater forests.

Dives on kelp-covered dive sites.

Every second stroke of the flipper brings me completely new impressions under water and I still discover never dived places.

Underwater you may still feel as a discoverer, adventurer and connoisseur.



Diver Museum

Finds from all over the world.

Diver Museum by Ingo Vollmer

Ingo Vollmer, diver and underwater photographer with a dive center in Canada.

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Equipment rental by Marlin Marine.