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This is the Portfolio of Ingo Vollmer (thats me!)
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Picture World of Ingo Vollmer

Topics under and over water.

That’s me: Ingo Vollmer, diver and underwater photographer.

Owner of Marlin – Underwater Accessories. Specialist for outdoor suitcases, Explorer Cases and operator of the Vipi Logde, in Nova Scotia, Canada.

For more than 40 years I have been known for my Marlin Shop.

From the hobby diving and taking pictures became a profession.

I was underwater all over the world and captured this fascinating world in image and video.

From a diving instructor to a specialist in underwater photo accessories.

Through exciting expeditions to Newfoundland and other unique dive sites around the world, he has become an Explorer Explorer expert.

As a nature lover and Canada fan, I continue my Vipi Lodge in Nova Scotia with my father, Arthur Vollmer.

Vacation Rental and Log Cabin Rental in Cape Breton, Canada.

Diver and photographer Ingo Vollmer

UW Pictures is a portfolio of my unforgettable moments – captured in both image and video.

uw pictures ingo vollmer