ZDF- TERRA X Production – Fascination with earth

Canada, treasure of the cold.

Terra x | Fascination with earth.

Dirk Steffens and the Terra X film team

at VIPI Lodge, Nova Scotia, Canada. In October 2018 we were responsible for the organization and realization of the ZDF-TERRA X production „Canada, treasure of the cold“ … was a great time, a lot of fun and great impressions and above all … a super great film team.

German TV: Sunday 03.02.2019  ZDF 19:30 o’clock.

Kanada | Canada

October 2018, we hosted the german filmteam of „Terra X,

Faszination Earth“ with Dirk Steffens. We were responsible for the organisation and execution of the production in Canada.

So much fun, great impressions und …a great team !



Terra X Kanada Filmteam, Zu Gast in der Vipi Lodge

Fascination with earth. TERRA X production.

TERRA X Production Film crew visits Ingo Vollmer at Vipi Lodge, Nova Scotia.

Shooting to Canada, treasure of the cold.